Kaas Plateau Tour Packages

Lord’s Tours

Kas Pathar of Valley Of Flowers are believed to open gateway to heaven for the Satara.
Taking dip in the Kasai devi (steps of lord Kasai ), entering through Kaas Plateau (gateway to lord Ghatai devi ), reaching to the Kas Village (temple of lord Vajrai devi) and Tanbi Village (temple of lord Jholai devi ) is a lifetime desire of every Hindu devotee. While in a Kas pathar tour, Bamnoli Village (five forms of lord Bhairavanath), Vinayak Nagar Shembdi Math (five forms of lord Datt ), (five confluences of sacred Koyna), Nageshwar, Vasota and Western ghats, are some Mahabaleshwer of the places you won’t want to miss not just as they are in route but what they hold is not elsewhere.

Wildlife Tours

Watching animals in the cage at anonymous zoo is an entirely different and unrealistic experience in comparison with that of wildlife sanctuary or Koyna Kaas Wildlife Sanctuary. Stop cheering yourself by looking at the helpless animals in a zoo and observe the real life struggle of animals in a wildlife sanctuary. Do you know Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary hosts India’s oldest Abhayaranhy ?
There are 6 national parks and 4 wildlife sanctuaries in Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary where you can capture the indisputable expressions of various animals and birds. Wake up with chirping of birds in Kaas Plateau and Kaas Wildlife Sanctuary rather than the maddening crowds of the village.

Adventure Tours

Adventurous tours include Trekking | River Rafting | Camping | Jungle Safari | Rock Climbing | Biking | Skiing | Bungee Jumping, Flying Fox & Giant Swing.
Kas Pathar has such varied photography that it showcases different types of flora and fauna. It has some unique wildlife activities.
Different regions of the Kaas Plateau have some unique features. So to explore the wilds of the Koyna jungle safari is the best option. Jungle safari not just involves exploring the jungles of a particular region. The options can involve koyna and wildlife sanctuaries as well as protective reserves.

Honeymoon Tours

A Honeymoon is your time away from Rest of the world and with us you can expect the ultimate experience,no matter which place you intend to visit. It is a once in a life time occasion so Trust the experts, because we leave nothing to chance,Pulling out all the stops to give you a honeymoon that will be everything you have looked forward to.
You can add a royal touch to your honeymoon in Kaa Pathar near Mahabaleshwer as the hotels are beautifully designed to offer you ample of privacy that’s accompanied with international standards of hospitality. There are a number of destinations that one can select from Kaas Village Resort at Kas Lake Wives

The Kaas Village Resort (Homestay) near Kas Lake Wives, very Cool, Romantic, under Forest Green Place. offers a golden Opportunity for tourists to spend a night in the village.

Experience village life along with delicious home cooked food & Nice Kaas Wildlife Sanctuary Tracking, Camping, Stay, Homely Food nearby Kaas Village Resort At Kas Lake Wives .

How To Reach

Mumbai and Pune to Satara by Transport Or Car

Get Satara City to Kas Village Resort 22 km.

Other Options for Google map to Kaas Village Resort Directions

Nearby visited tourist attraction :

Vajrai Waterfall ( 852 ft )

Kas Lake

Kas Pathar Valley of flowers


Kaas Wildlife Sanctuary

Bamnoli Boting

Koyna Backwater

Koyna River camp

Tapola River Camp

Kas Pathar hotels

Vasota tracking fort

koyna Wildlife Sanctuary

mahabaleshwer hill station

Thoseghar Waterfall & Sajjangad.

For More Details Reservation Contact :

Kaas Village Resort
At Kas, Kas Bamnoli road,
Kas Lake, Tal – Javali,
District – Satara.

Mr. Vitthal Call – 9594934666, 8291008666,

Bajrang – 9320077606

Satish -7506533596


Email: booking1234kaspathar@gmail.com, website : www.kaas.ind.in, www.kaspatharholiday.com

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